The Quick Guide to Family Photo Poses

This is the simplest family pose series EVER

You can search the Internet for “family portrait pose” to find beautiful photos of happy families dressed in perfect attires.

Family portrait photography can be less magical and more stressful than it seems. High-strung parents, nap-deprived children, and , the family dog, keeps looking at the camera.

Is this something you recognize?

“Stroll. Stand. Sit.”

It’s not often that the best family poses look like they are posed. These beautiful family poses don’t look posed at all!

This series works no matter where you are shooting or who your subject is. This is a simple way to capture portraiture in small groups and large groups of any age.

You’ll find bonus poses and must-have tips within each of these Stand, Sit, Stroll categories.

Stroll poses

Photographing families is best when you are walking (or walking) around.

Why? It helps to burn nervous energy and prevents young people from becoming bored too quickly.

#1: “One, two, three, jump!”

This pose works well for mobile children! Tell the family to do three steps, then:pause:: the child can leap into the air while the parents watch and smile. Parents shouldn’t encourage their children to swing or lift their arms by their hands. This can cause injury to their developing shoulders.

#2: Run ahead

This pose is great for mobile children! The parents should walk slowly and invite the children to join them. This portrait can be posed gently to show great depth of field.

#3: Talk and walk

This pose is great for families with teens, tweens and babies! If they aren’t interested in the whole photo thing, you can direct them to walk side-by-side. Encourage them to “Look anywhere but me!”

#4: Piggyback rides

Siblings can have a lot of fun! You can ask your parents if one sibling can take the younger child in a piggyback ride. Piggy-back rides are a great option for children who aren’t yet old enough or stable enough to do this move.

#1: The 360

The pose is yours, as well as the clients’. Get your family to hug each other while they stand. You should all be touching someone. Take a slow 360-degree turn around your clients and search for unusual light and angles.

#2: Sweet kisses

This pose is so special! Let young children kiss their parents cheeks and vice versa. You can also get some amazing reactions from your parents by asking them to surprise your older child with a huge, embarrassing kiss on their head.

#1: Comfortable couches and lovely blankets

You can take a stylish sofa outside and make it the family’s favorite picture! To create family portraits that are timeless, you don’t necessarily need to have a large piece of furniture. These are great options:

  • Big, fluffy blankets to complement the family’s wardrobe
  • lightweight chairs
  • Colorful ottomans
  • Barstools and footstools

#2: Animal friends

All pets, including dogs, cats, lizards and llamas, are part of the family. It’s easier to take a photo Doggo’s face when she’s close to her forever family and getting pet scratches and kisses.

#3: Lying down

Begin by guiding everyone to lie on their backs, with their heads up and their legs extended. These family photos will be taken from the top, using bright grass or textured ground for a background. A step-ladder may be required!

#4: The little things

For sweet details and intimate portraits, move closer. You should focus on the baby’s face, hands and that curl on his forehead. These tight crops tend to be liked a lot on social media – if you are into that kind of thing.

#Shoot Proof PRO Tips for family portrait sessions

Your family photo poses are done. Let’s not ruin it with poor backgrounds or unfavorable lighting!

What you need to remember when photographing families?

Keep your eyes open to the sun

Open shade refers to the beautiful, soft light that you can find under a large tree or in the shadow of a building. You will have a much easier job if you shoot during the golden hour.

Scout for a beautiful background

You need to be aware of distractions such as cars, joggers and street signs. You can plan ahead to find beautiful locations that are easily accessible.

Request a portrait list

Talk to your clients in advance and ask if they would like you to photograph certain groups or moments. Many families want:

  • All family together
  • Each parent should be with their children
  • Children alone
  • Parents alone
  • individual portraits
  • Unexpected moments

If you try to capture every group in every pose, you’ll lose all your sense of perspective. Instead, make sure to include individual groups in your posing series.

Find out what your clients would like to see their photos.

Are they interested in an album? Do they want a large family portrait for their home? You can plan your shots with this in mind.

Every pose can be tailored to suit the family

Poses that encourage family interaction are a good choice. Take this example:

  • Do you have a child who wants to be held by Mommy? Take the opportunity to customize your poses with the child in Mom’s arms.
  • Do you think Dad is taller than the rest? During standing poses, have him sit on a chair or stool.
  • Is one member of your family unable to sit or walk? These poses should be eliminated and the poses that will work best for everyone can be used.
  • Do any members of the family have sensory sensitivities? You can find out beforehand so that you don’t force anyone to touch or hug them if they are uncomfortable.
  • Photograph large families in a mix of standing and sitting poses to show everyone’s faces.

Happy clients make the ideal clients

Your clients will return to you over and over again if you provide a positive client experience as well as beautiful family photography. Keep creating images and telling stories the way can.

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