The Best Senior Picture Posing Ideas For Guys

Simple senior photo poses for men

There are many wonderful dudes out there, including sweet, intelligent, funny, and tough men. You’d be foolhardy to think that senior portraits would be easy with all of them! Professional photographers often struggle to find senior boy poses that satisfy both the high schooler , and his parents.

We’ve collected our favorite senior photo posing ideas to share with your awesome guy clients…

#1: There is something to be grateful for

doesn’t like to stand in front a camera and have no idea what to do with your hands, feet or face. Everybody and their mom knows how to move . You’ll soon notice how your client settles when you give them something to lean upon.

#2: Move his senior year photos

You’ll forget how much energy these young whippersnappers had the further you get from high school. There are many motion opportunities for senior pictures!

Shaw Photography Co. affirmations

“I encourage them with affirmations and words of encouragement throughout senior sessions. or This last one was really good.– I don’t show the back of my camera.

Increase your shutter speed

Any kind of sport, from riding a four-wheeler or kicking a soccerball, can create great images that show a teenager’s passion. If you don’t want blurry images, big motion needs a fast shutter speed.

In most daylight conditions, a shutter speed of 1/250’s or higher will work. You can slow down your shutter speed if you are using flash and allow the strobe to “freeze” the photo.

#3: Share your ideas with seniors who are open to new ideas

Even just the act of sitting down to stand can cause moodiness. Senior pictures are often teens’ first exposure to professional photography. Senior girls and seniors make great subjects for creative poses and lighting setups.

#4: Squat, sit, kneel, chill

It is almost impossible to sit elegantly while your knees are on your chest. Your client can relax by asking him to straighten one leg or curl under the other. A natural pose will photograph better when photographing men than a stiff one.

Find super cool seating

It doesn’t take much to move an armchair around town in order to capture seated images. But, you get 10 points if you do! You should look for stairs, curbs and tree stumps wherever your client is sitting. This is especially important when taking outdoor senior photos where you have no control over the surroundings.


#5: Eye contact should not be underestimated

Your clients might find eye contact difficult because of their sensory processing style. Others might feel nervous looking directly into your lens. The good news is that there are some positive things. Senior photo sessions don’t require big, cheesy smiles directed at the camera.

#6: “But, what do I do? !”

The expressiveness of the hands can rival that of the face. When we feel nervous or anxious, we clench our hands and rub them together. We also tuck them in pockets when we are feeling relaxed, shy, or extremely relaxed. You can give your seniors photo sessions a hand with ideas that even non-coordinated teens can master.

Loose and limber

Ask your client to relax their hands if they are a fist-clencher. Be aware of hands that fall in awkward places.

Pockets exist for a reason

To get your client’s hands at their hips, you can tell them to “Tuck your thumbs into your pockets.” Your client should not tuck their entire hand into their pockets. This will make them appear unbalanced and one-handed.

#7: Sometimes, a simple position is the best

You can often get your client to sit down and relax once they feel comfortable. If they seem stiff, you can encourage them to relax a bit and rock forward on their feet. This subtle lean will highlight the face.

#8: From the elbows to your knees

Everybody on the planet knows how they can lean forward and place their elbows on their knees. It is simple, easy, and comfortable. This helps to reduce the waistline, while accentuating your face.

#9: Take a Grandma Photo

This is the best way to get a great Grandma Photo. What is a Grandma Photo, you ask? This photo is one grandma will love, because the teen’s sweet angel looks natural, happy, and engaged all in one frame.

#10: Get into the studio

Studio Senior Portrait sessions can be taken in your studio, or you can rent one from another photographer. They are great for creating clean images that are client-centric. You can also take them in rain or shine.


Low key vs. high key

High-key portraits are characterized by a bright or white background. Low-key portraits are black or dark. When choosing a backdrop for your studio, think about the mood of your client, their clothes style and overall comfort level.

Remember that light colors reflect light while dark tones absorb it. Your client’s dark hair and skin should not disappear into an underlit scene. Don’t highlight the highlights of a client with light hair!

You don’t have a studio? No problem.

To create a dramatic senior photo, you don’t necessarily need a studio. Flashes and strobes are all you need to create a dramatic senior picture.

#11: Find a slice of life

To create a stunning portrait, you don’t necessarily need to capture the entire face of a client. You can get a new perspective by using close crops, silhouettes and reflections.

Enter their world

If you spend the time building a relationship with clients, they will be more open to you and willing to share their most important thoughts. Instead of insisting upon locations that you have used repeatedly, join your client’s journey. You will be rewarded with new ideas for posing!

#12: Create a photo-worthy outfit

The success of a shoot depends on how well your client dresses. If your client doesn’t feel comfortable in their senior pictures outfit or their clothes don’t match the location, all of your brilliant poses will be thrown out the window.

Do your seniors seem shy? This is a great way for seniors to set privacy settings in their ShootProof gallery.

ShootProof is a great way to empower senior clients (boys and girls) and make them feel at ease every step of the process.

Here’s how!

#1: Privacy settings that are custom

You can ensure that your client galleries remain private by asking them to enter a password before they are able to download or view their images.

This will allow your client to share only what they feel comfortable sharing.

Your seniors can choose how much information they wish to share with their friends when they share their gallery


#2: Disable specific photos

Your senior client can choose which photos they want to see only by using the “Hide” feature. The client will hide the images from others so that they are not visible to anyone else.


#3: Senior contracts

ShootProof’s Contracts tool allows photographers to have the most productive photography business they can! Send your clients senior contracts today from our database!

ShootProof can be used to print.

ShootProof makes printing easy with our partner labs!

There are two options: You can self-fulfill where clients place orders through you, and you then place the order with your favorite laboratory. Or, you can have your clients place orders directly with one our integrated labs.

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