The Beginner’s Guide To Iconic Black and White Photography

Start your journey to black and white photography. Learn how to capture classic images in this style.

Sometimes in photography, you can see the beauty in still frames when you remove the colours.

A lot has happened since the invention of photography in the 1830s. It has changed so much, from the camera to the final images. Smartphones make it easy to take a picture. There are many mirrorless and DSLR camera options to improve your photography skills.

However, despite the glamour that colour brings to every shot, black is still iconic. It’s not just an app filter. It’s not just a last-ditch effort to edit an image, hoping it would still work.

It’s a different way to photograph. This gives photographs a timeless look and highlights the beauty of black and white that wouldn’t be possible if they were shot in colour. These tips help you start your journey to black and white photography. Mavis CW will also share more information about why black and white photography is so popular.

Meeting Mavis CW

Mavis, CW, is an English photographer who was born in Taiwan. Her work was published internationally and is included in the upcoming book Women Street Photographers.

“I was raised in a home where my mother collects artworks. This is how I learned an appreciation for art at an early age. Mavis began to tell me about her habit of buying rolls after rolls of film before going anywhere. My class and I went to Australia when I was thirteen years old. This was my first experience with a film camera. It was nerve-wracking and exciting to begin the process, keeping in mind the memories of my mother loading a roll of film and taking photographs. Because there were only twenty-four frames per roll, I had to pay more attention to each photo.

Mavis shared that her serious passion for photography started in 2013. Mavis shares that her serious passion for photography began in 2013.

After a successful career in scientific research and then owning my restaurant, it was time to return to traditional work by developing and shooting the film in my darkroom. . . She explains that it is similar to selecting paintbrushes and canvas colours. “I am able take complete control of my work,” she says.

Why Black and White Photography Remains Iconic

Mavis believes black and white helps to “reduce the photo to its core elements” and “helps to emphasize the emotions.”

This style of photography is iconic and remains one of our most effective communication tools. When done well, black and white images can tell the story of every frame in a direct, emotional way.

Mavis says that “it gives photographs a timeless look.” Mavis adds that this approach allows for more information about the human condition and powerful time recording.

How to Shoot in Black and White

Change your mindset

When shooting in black-and-white, the number one rule is to think in black before you click. Because we are so used to shooting colour, it is easy to forget that a black-and-white image can sometimes not work. It’s important to understand why you choose to shoot in black-and-white and, even more importantly, why.

This allows you to see things differently and helps you think in black and white. This will help you to see important elements in your image that are unlikely to be visible if you shoot in colour. This will also help you to understand why some photos are better in black and white than others.

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