Ten Cool Ideas to Plan an Engagement Ceremony

You don’t know what to do with your engagement party when your big day approaches. Don’t worry! We have tons of ideas for you and are ready to share them.

These are 10 great ideas to make your ring-ceremony party memorable for the couple as well as the guests.

1. Take a walk down Memory Lane

Create a visual display that highlights all the events leading up to this moment. This can be done by creating a cute visual that shows your journey as young lovers, making it to the engagement ceremony and finally embracing their lives together.
Alternativly, if your style is more traditional, you can tell your story using a photobook, and have it available for guests to see. A fun quiz can be held after the event to determine who is best at describing your journey.

2. The Ring Hunters

Another way to make your engagement party more fun is to buy or make a few cheap rings. You can buy or make a few inexpensive rings to hide around your party venue. You can reward the one who finds them the most.

You can make the hunt even more exciting by hiding your engagement rings.

3. Have a themed party!

A party theme is a great idea. This is a great way to simplify the entire process. It’s much easier to plan decor, invites, and food when you have a goal. You can choose from fine dining, cocktails, or a garden party. Or, you can do both.

4. How well do you know the bride/groom?

A great way to have your family and friends answer questions about your couple at the ring ceremony is to invite them to participate in it. This game is flexible and you can make it as complicated or easy as you want.

Engagement parties tend to be closer-knit than weddings. So you will likely only have your closest friends. This is what makes the game so much fun.

5. Add Clues To Your Invites 

Are you ready to announce the big date? You could take this chance to be creative with your invitations if you haven’t yet. You can give clues about your big date, but don’t be too obvious, and invite your friends to guess the date at your engagement party.

6. Photo Booth

Selfies and taking photos are everywhere, regardless of whether you want them to. Why not allow your guests to indulge in a photo booth.

Make sure to have a collection of props ready and a few cameras on hand. You could hire a professional photographer to take your pictures if you have a large budget. The best photos can be printed and given photo bookmark strip as a thank-you to your friends.

7. Karaoke for Couples

Are you and your partner passionate about singing? If so, consider adding karaoke into your party. You just need to choose a few songs, download the karaoke tracks and rent a projector or use your T.V. to take to the stage.

You can make it a family karaoke with your guests or have a theme of love songs throughout.

8. It can be a surprise party!

Surprise your friends if you haven’t yet told them that you’re engaged. Although you can inform them that they are invited to a party with you, don’t tell your friends why. Surprise them all by announcing that the ring ceremony is being held when they arrive.

9. Get involved for a cause

Are you not up for the challenge of a full-on engagement ceremony? It doesn’t mean you have to. Instead, have a simple celebration and donate the remainder of your engagement budget towards a cause or charity that you care about.

10. You might consider customizing your engagement favors

It is important to think about your engagement favors. You could create personalized gifts or a photo booth for your guests.

A thank you card is a good option if you have a smaller budget. If you are willing to spend more, you can give your closest friends and relatives personalized wine bottles. You can simply replace the labels with custom-made ones that are made especially for you.

Streamline your process with an engagement party checklist

To help you organize your plans for the engagement party, you can create a checklist. This makes the process much easier and more enjoyable.

Make your plans, and let the celebrations commence!

Bonus: Wedding Guest Book Tips

An engagement party is a great opportunity to introduce your family and friends to your wedding guest list.

To remember our wedding day, we all put in a lot of work. We hire videographers and arrange for photographers. Sometimes we ask our friends to take the best photos. These are often just snapshots of what happens. The wedding guest book allows you to capture the feelings of your friends, family and guests. Although a Western idea, wedding guest books can be fun to include in an Indian wedding.

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