Although this may not be the right option for all couples, a prewedding photoshoot is a great idea because it is almost a traditional part of the traditional photoshoot.

One, it is a great way for the couple to get to know each other and to feel comfortable with each other, which makes the wedding day’s photography less stressful for them both.

Pre-wedding photos are another great way to tell the story of your love through your photography. They can be seamlessly integrated with the wedding photographs.


Let’s start with the important things when it comes to wedding photos. It is crucial that the wedding day has a successful start and end. The bridal couple will be grateful for your photos.

Here’s a collection of photos of rings and garlands, as well as pictures of wedding gowns, costumes, jewelry, and shoes.

  • Here’s a shot of a wedding invitation
  • Hanging the bride’s wedding dress
  • Shoes and ornaments for the bride;
  • Accessory and wedding wear for the groom;
  • The bridal bouquet or the jaimalas/garlands
  • Buttonholes, family brooches and corsages
  • Wedding rings
  • The bride/groom spends some time alone;
  • The bride/groom getting ready.

Consider dedicating a section of your wedding images to images of the bride getting ready.


The bride is the most important person if the details of a wedding matter more to them than others. A bride’s wedding day is something she has been planning and dreaming about for as long as her memory can remember. The brides’ images will be her most memorable.

Photographers want to capture her beautiful dress, her meticulous hair-style, her flawless make-up and her joy!

It is best to take beautiful photographs of her before the day is over. This is when she is still getting ready, and her perfect bridal style is finished.

Here are some of our favorite bridal look photos:

  • The bride is assisted by her mother or her bridesmaids in putting on her gown.
  • With the help of her mother/bridesmaid, bride puts on jewelry and shoes.
  • Bride gets her hair and make-up done
  • Portrait of the bride wearing her wedding gown
  • Close-up of the bride
  • Bridal hairstyles
  • Bridal make-up;
  • Ornaments and jewelry for the bride;
  • Close-up of the bride holding her bouquet/Close-up of her hands withhenna


You must plan great photos of the wedding party, including the bride and her group.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids are closest to the couple and they are there to ensure the show continues, at all costs. You want to capture their joy as a wedding photographer! The best part? They make great wedding photography poses together!

Which photos should you take?

  • Photographs of the bride and her bridesmaids.
  • Photographs of the groom and his groomsmen posed;
  • Portraits of each groomsman and bridesmaid;
  • Group photos taken by the whole wedding party.
  • Photo of the bridesmaids getting ready for the bride;
  • The bridal party leaves the house
  • A group photo of the whole wedding party taken in front of the ceremony venue
  • Candid shots of the bride/groom with the bridesmaids/groomsmen having fun.


Photographs of the parents and immediate families are next on your must-have list. Photographs of siblings and the joy and pride on parents’ faces are important!

Family is the most involved in wedding logistics. It will be difficult to get everyone for individual portraits and group photos once the day starts. It is best to arrange your family wedding photoshoot at the bride/groom’s house.

They are more relaxed and easy to collect, particularly for individual portraits.

Portrait of Mother and Bride/Groom
Portrait of the father and bride/groom
– Group photos and portraits of the bride/groom together with their siblings
– A group photo of the bride/groom and their immediate family.


What’s next? You should get to the venue for the wedding ceremony before everyone else. This is a great way of capturing the beautiful decor before it gets chaotic and crowded. It should take no more than a good 15-20 minute.

Second, depending on the type of cultural wedding that you are interested in, speak to the bride and groom before you go to make sure you understand what rituals, customs, and important things they value.

These are some examples you might need to remember:

  • Venue decor elements like flowers, garlands, bouquets, candles, etc:
  • The location where the wedding ceremony takes place, such as the mandap, chuppah, or archway for the ceremony:
  • Garlands, jaimalas, and wedding rings are all important elements of the wedding ceremony.


This magical moment is a must-have part of any wedding photos! Whatever the culture, the most common moment at a wedding is the moment that the bride or groom first see each other just before the ceremony begins.

It is priceless to be in that moment of joy. This moment of joy is priceless.


You will need to plan this step in advance. However, there are some elements that you should keep in mind when taking wedding photos.

  • The Bharat, or any other grand entrance by the groom
  • The grand bridal entrance
  • A parent will walk the bride/groom down to the aisle.
  • The rituals’ key moments (exchange of rings/tying the knot, and exchange of garlands) are
  • Close-up photo of a marriage


Half of your wedding day photos will be complete once you have completed the ceremony details. The reception is the second half.

After the ceremony, the family will usually schedule a time to get ready for the next day. This is your chance to capture the gorgeous decor at the wedding reception venue.

You have a lot to do, from the decorations and table arrangements to the bridal couple’s throne to the stunning wedding cake, grand buffet table and the soon-to be busy bar. You will need to spend at least 30 minutes taking photos of the venue and its surroundings.


As guests begin to arrive, the couple will make their grand entrance. This marks the beginning of an memorable reception. You will need to plan where and when you want to be so that the evening goes as smoothly as possible.

So that you are ready, get the timeline details from the couple.

This is a list that you can use:

  • The couple’s grand entrance
  • The warm welcome guests
  • The cutting of the cake
  • The champagne bottle is opened, followed by toasts and speeches.
  • The first dance of the bride and groom
  • Portraits of the mother, father, and bride dancing
  • If any, planned performances by the wedding party and others
  • Photographs of the food served at the buffet table
  • Photos of the bar, including cocktails.
  • The open dance floor


It is best to mix candid and planned wedding photography poses. Many wedding planners will schedule an opportunity for guests to wish their bride and groom. This is the ideal time to take formal group photos of the couple with their guests.

After the formal moments of speeches, toasts, wishes, and photo sessions have ended, it’s time for everyone to get candid. At the end of the day, the reception is all about celebrating.

What are you waiting for? Here are some suggestions:

  • Guests enjoy eating, laughing and enjoying their meals at their tables.
  • The bar is full of guests enjoying themselves or clinking glasses.
  • The bride and groom, the wedding party or groups of friends, lighting the dance floor on fire.
  • A photobooth could be planned for group poses using props.


You should never be too close to the couple. Capture a few moments of their star moment. Moving shots can be taken of them holding hands, kissing foreheads, and whispering sweet-nothings. You will be loved by them for it!

It is also a good idea to schedule a sneak-away session for 20-30 minutes after the main reception events have ended to allow the couple some breathing room. This will give them a chance to capture some romantic shots in a few locations around the venue.


The end of a reception is the beginning of a life together. Every bride chooses a grand way to leave. You can capture your guests taking the star couple to their lives together, from the way they throw the bouquet to the way they mount a bike/car with a sign saying “Just married.”

Once you have your main wedding photos in order, you should make sure to share it with the bride and groom so you’re on the same page. We are sure they will appreciate it.

Check out our blogs for tips and tricks on choosing a wedding photographer if you are a bride-to-be. We have the perfect wedding album printing ideas for you!

We wish you all the best as you capture unforgettable wedding photos! Our blog contains more tips and tricks for making money with photography.

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