All You Need To Know About Bridal Portraits

In case you’re new to the concept of bridal portraits then you must know that these photos are taken multiple months before the actual wedding ceremony, where the brides will wear their wedding dresses for a solo photoshoot at a venue of their choice. The bride then gifts these portraits – in printed form – to her spouse and/or parents. There’s also the option to display them as a part of the interior décor at the wedding ceremony. 

Hence, as the wedding bride, you might be wondering – what’s the craze around bridal portraits and why are they so essential to a wedding ceremony? Well, we have covered everything you need to know about the same in this comprehensive guide. 

Why Should You Opt For A Bridal Portrait?

According to a wedding photographer for Adelaide Hills photography services, bridal portraits can be classified as add-ons to wedding photography. Still, most professional wedding photographers and wedding brides love to opt for them for several reasons:

  • Great Quality Photos

Since bridal portraits are not taken on the day of the wedding, there will be no rush or stress for you to look at your absolute best. You can take your own sweet time and your wedding photographer can spend a lot of time taking the best possible photographs. As a result, the quality of the photographs will be higher than you can imagine. 

  • Allows You (And Your Wedding Photographer) To Be Fun & Creative

As you’ll not be under any stress, bridal portraits will offer you the flexibility to be creative & fun with your looks. Moreover, your wedding photographer will also be able to provide you with better suggestions for a variety of different photographic styles. 

  • Allows You To Try Out Your Wedding Dress

When bridal portrait shoots take place, generally it’s suggested that you wear your wedding dress. You can even make two sets of different wedding dresses where the one you can use for the portrait photoshoot and the other for the real wedding ceremony. Ultimately, you’ll have fun either way because you’ll be getting to try your beautiful wedding dress way ahead of the schedule. 

  • Ability To Print, Frame & Gift Them

High-quality photographs will naturally give you the ability to simply print them, frame them, and then gift them to each of your loved ones, including your spouse/fiance. They’re like great mementos that your loved ones will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Closing Thoughts

Bridal portraits give the sense of the start of something new and exciting. As a bride, you don’t want to miss out on that feeling. We hope our above-mentioned reasoning has helped you understand more about the concept of bridal portraits and for more information, contact us. 

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