Here are great tips to get amazing photos from your phone!

Multi-shot Capture

Smartphone photography has many great features. You can take as many photos as you like, and you don’t need to print them to view the results. It is much easier to improve your results and learn from them. You can use burst photos to take multiple shots of your subject as they move. After you have taken several burst photos, you can choose the best.

Find out What Your Camera Can Do

Begin by exploring the capabilities of your phone’s camera. Examine the auto mode to see how it focuses and exposes light. This is usually done by touching the screen to the point where you want to focus, but it’s worth checking.

Have the manual settings been enabled on your camera phone? If yes, you should get to know them. You can adjust the white balance and shutter speed manually on some cameras. If you can use these settings properly, you can take better photos. These are some of the most important aspects of photography.

3. Keep it Outdoors, and take advantage of natural light whenever possible

Due to the small sensor size of smartphones, very few can take great indoor photos. Take your photos outdoors under proper lighting conditions to get the best results. Lighting affects more than just brightness and darkness. It also influences mood, tone, and atmosphere. When taking photos with your smartphone, use natural light.

Avoid Digital Zoom

Digital zoom almost always results in poor quality because it reduces its resolution. It is a common mistake that can ruin your photos. However, optical zooms are acceptable as they don’t affect the quality of the image and are becoming more popular on smartphones. You can move closer if you have only a digital zoom.


HDR mode, which stands for High Dynamic Range, is becoming more popular on smartphones. This mode adds detail to the dark and lighter areas, resulting in a better exposure balance. It will prevent the sky from being too bright or the ground too dark. This makes landscape photography more appealing. It’s worth using HDR on your camera phone if there is a significant difference in the brightness and darkness of your scene.

Use editing tools

Ease of access to editing tools is possible with the built-in editor on your camera phone or using advanced apps like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. These apps allow you to crop and edit your photos quickly. These apps allow you to crop and touch up your photos in seconds.

Use the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds divides an image into nine equal blocks, which form a three-by-3 grid. The corners of these segments intersect imaginary gridlines, and you should try to find the most interesting parts. The rule of thirds gives the image a natural feel and allows the eye to flow freely around it. Contrary to this, placing objects in a symmetrical frame will create a more professional and clean feeling. This can be a great look!

The rule of thirds is worth a shot. It’s easy and effective, no matter if you’re photographing friends at a bar or a landscape shot.

If it is dark, place the phone on a flat surface.

Camera shake can cause blurred results in dark situations. The camera’s ISO setting can also cause noise in your photos. You can reduce noise by placing your phone flat on a surface such as a table, wall or ledge. This is an excellent tip if you plan to take photos in dark environments such as bars, concerts, or other venues.

Get Better Apps

While the standard apps work well on most smartphones, there are many other options. You can enhance your photos with editing apps that offer additional settings, filters and features. These are some of the best editing apps for smartphones:

1. VSCO Cam is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

2. Snapseed is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad.

3. You can use Instagram on your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

4. You can use Flickr on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

5. Lightroom is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phones.

Are you looking for a better phone?

Although it may sound obvious, sometimes the best way of taking better photos is to get a better smartphone. Although you can read all you want about photography, the reality is that the quality of smartphones’ cameras varies widely. Make sure that you only get the best photos.

Which phone has the best camera? These are the top five we have compiled.

1. Samsung Galaxy, S8, S9, S10

2. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 3.

3. Google Pixel 4XL

4. iPhones


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