Four Tips to Take Perfect Pictures of Dad Photographing

The long-standing stereotype of dads loathing photography has been around for a while.

Why? Maybe it’s the residual trauma from his all-plaid outfit, which is documented in his family’s church directory photographs. Perhaps it’s his nightmare of the train coming towards him, as he sat awkwardly on the tar-streaked railway tracks with a “SENIOR”, foam cut-out.

Photographing Dads: How to Prompt the Perfect Moment

We challenge the notion that dads are uncomfortable to photograph.

Prompt #1 by Kevin: “You don’t have to do any”

Kevin is well aware that camera-shy clients can feel frozen by anxious thoughts like “I’m so awkward,” or “Is it over yet?” Kevin has observed that a worried client is un-photogenic. They have expressions that range from happy smiles to grumbly scowls. These results only confirm to the client that they are just as unphotogenic as they thought.

Prompt #2 by Kevin: “Emphasize activities and not poses.”

Kevin seeks genuine emotion in his photographs and focuses on activities, rather than poses. He tells children to “sneak up on” their dad by giving them a bear hug or documenting real-world interactions like brushing teeth or building a doghouse. Kevin finds inspiration everywhere he goes. Kevin is able to capture dads as much as possible.

Photographing dads with Debbie McFarland, The Studio At Daisy Hill | Georgia

Debbie McFarland is focused on the kids to capture great photos of their dads. Happy kids equal happy parents, which is something that every parent knows. Debbie doesn’t expect smiles or eye contact. Instead, she works hard to make her clients forget all about her. Soon, parents and children are happy together and not worried about the camera.

Debbie’s prompt #3: “Stinky Toes and Other Silliness”

The family will love their photos more if they have fun during the shoot . Remember Happy memories are the best-loved photos.

Photographing dads with Steve Husted, Knot Just Any Day | Pennsylvania

Steve Husted embraces ShootProof’s motto Count On What Matters Most(tm),, and brings his clients along on the inspiring journey.

One photo session he had with his wife was described as if it were a picnic. “The time spent together felt more like a relaxed hang-out session rather than a portrait session.” It was fun to play tag, ride piggyback, and laugh together!

Steve’s Prompt #4: “Focus On What Matters Most”

Steve is able to capture the unique expressions and love in each family, which allows him to create photographs that are truly one-of-a kind. These photos tell a story of joy as well as connection. Steve seeks out special moments and interactions between dads when photographing them. These are the memories that he believes his clients want to have on their walls.

The perfect gift for dad will be waiting for you when Father’s Day rolls around.

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