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Choosing the right size portraits.

Too big and it looks out of place, too small and it becomes a postage stamp.

Designing portraits that are the right style and size for your home is all part of the service at Family Image. Our aim is not to sell you the largest and most expensive size, but to help guide you in choosing the right size wall art for your home setting. To make things easier we have invested in some amazing software that allows us to take an image of your walls at home and place your new portraits to scale on that image. So you can see exactly what size will fit perfectly.

Just bring along a few snapshots of the wall spaces you have in mind and we can put a design together for you. That way you can be confident that it really will look perfect in your home.





Its hard comparing prices with photographers because they each cover different things. So here is a few key points about our studio.

1. We don't have minimum orders or set packages. You only purchase what you like after seeing the photos we have created for you.

2. All of our prices are available up front - many studios hide their prices and sting you at the end (we have heard)

3. We give every customer a 100% money back guarantee. A real one with no fine print. Our team knows that if we haven't delivered an exceptional experience you have every right to get your money back which makes them work hard to do a great job every time.

4. We have been photographing families for 20 years and have many loyal repeat customers who wouldn't consider going anywhere else. See our Testimonials page for some of the many hundreds of testimonials we have.

5. Our prices are in about the middle of the market. (The ones who wont tell you their prices are up to double ours)


After 20 years...

We have retired from photography :-)

Thanks for being  wonderful customers!

If you would like to buy your digital files from past sessions CLICK HERE

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Brian & Kaylene Chapman

p.s. see what we are up to now...

Session Fees

This covers the 90 minute photo session in our  5 Acre Garden Studio where we will take lots of photos in the various settings.

You then come back about a week or so later to view all the images in our theatre on the big screen and pick and choose your absolute favourites. Most families love to have a selection of wall portraits throughout their home.

Photo Session $150*

*Max 6 people. Additional persons $15 each.

Family Image Photography photo shoot behind the scenes look, reflectors, diffusors.


Unframed Print Sizes & Prices

Includes professional retouching and a

100% money back guarantee.

How to display family portraits in your home. Family Image Photography

5 x 7.5in

8 x 12 in

12 x 18 in

16 x 24 in

20 x 30 in

24 x 36 in

30 x 45 in

(small shelf size)

(sidetable shelf)

(small wall portrait)

(medium wall portrait)

(large wall portrait)

(larger wall portrait)

(Feature Wall Portrait)








*Prices Nov 2013 subject to change without notice.

Canvas Prints

Add 50% to the above prices. They come stretched on a quality frame, ready to hang.  Our Canvas Prints are professional grade and rated at 75 years without fading.

These are photos of our 5 acre property where we do your photo session.
It is pretty amazing!

Family Albums

A great way to go if you want to keep as many images as you can and have limited wall space. We have a variety of quality hand-crafted albums available.

12 sided 9” Gallery Album (Holds ten 5” x 7.5” images) $900

20 sided 9” Gallery Album (Holds twenty 5” x 7.5” images) $1500

12 sided 12” Gallery Album (Holds between 1-3 images per page) $1800

20 sided 12” Gallery Album (Holds between 1-3 images per page) $2700

family albums - Family Image Photography

Framing Service

A custom framing service is available once your prints are complete. This takes into account the colour and emotion within the portrait along with your home's styling - furniture, wall colours and overall viewing distance. One of our staff will guide you through the choices to find the perfect frame design for you. As a rough guide, custom framing usually works out to be about 40-50% on top of the unframed print price.


professional custom framing for family portraits

Slideshow *

A collection of the best images from your shoot set to music to be played as a video on your computer, phone, screensaver and TV’s that accept USB Movies.

Slideshow on USB card $550

*Please note: Only available with print purchases over $1500.

Slideshow of your family photos on a usb

Gift Vouchers

Purchase a Family Image Photography Gift voucher for someone special knowing that this will be a gift that keeps on giving. Most families will want to order more than their gift voucher amount, so we encourage you to only give Gift Vouchers to families that are in a position to really enjoy the experience.

Click to go to our Gift Voucher Order form.

Gift Vouchers and Certificates are available at Family Image Photography


Digital File Only Option:

Yes, you can now purchase professional digital files and print your own photos. We do recommend for wall portraits that you get them printed professionally for the best results. The files you are purchasing are the finished retouched images that are at the stage just before we print them. When you do purchase your files, you get access to professional printing with us at half price for any of the images you have bought.

Package of 10 highest resolution ready for print files $1800
Package of 15  $2300
Package of 20  $2800

Package of 30  $3300

They are a great option if you have family overseas or want to be able to make up your own albums. The files we provide are high level finished retouched images.

Please note: Many newer photographers are selling images on a disc at low price which seems like a good deal, but they are not finished to the same level. Generally they are images that have batch adjustments applied to them rather than being individually finished. To see the level of work that goes into finishing each image at Family Image - we highly recommend you look at
this page showing the retouching process.


"The service we receive every time we attend
your garden studio is second to none..."

child photographer outdoor beach sydney australia family image We have had 2 photo shoots with Family Image Photography in the past 4 years, and intend to return many times in future to have the changing face of our family recorded. The photos themselves are warm and manage to capture something about us that isn’t quite tangible, making each picture uniquely ours.

The walls of our home are covered in Family Image portraits and never fail to capture the attention of visitors who comment on how lovely they are.

family photographer outdoors sydney australia family imageFor us though, it’s about more than the pictures. Ray and I are committed to supporting small businesses who offer personalized service and we’re happy to pay a premium for that.

The service we receive every time we attend your garden studio is second to none – you have managed to walk that tightrope between professionalism and welcoming warmth perfectly.

Our youngest child has real stranger anxiety, so we are in awe at Brian’s ability to have earned her trust in a short space of time, she often fondly points to the pictures and remembers playing with “her Brian”. The whole process from beginning to end is done calmly and with patience – and the images reflect this.

family photographer sydney australia family imageI love that there’s no hard sell when we chose our pictures – the images sell themselves, and a lack of packages mean that we don’t feel obligated to buy pictures we don’t want. And again, with professionalism and patience, you always guide us towards choosing the images that are right for us – whether in black and white, sepia or colour, large or small,
as a stand-alone or part of a set.  I think it’s important to note that unlike past professional photos we’ve had taken, these images actually end up on our walls (and they stay there).

Having the framing done through you is something I love as you just know what works with your photographs to make them look amazing, and the framing prices are very competitive.

We can’t thank you enough for the service you provide. It’s your attention to detail and consistency that set Family Image apart.

Our investment in your service is one that we are reminded of everyday as we glance at the images on our walls and as far as we are concerned every dollar was money well spent.

All the best.
Rachelle Davis

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