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Our Exclusive Location: Five Acres of Beautiful Gardens Ready for Your Family


Forest Grove

Picture a pretty grove of deciduous trees overhanging lush grass and exposed white stones.

Beautiful right throughout the year because it keeps changing with every season.


The Amazing Garden Studio

You could drive all over Sydney looking for a nice location for your family photos, or you could just come out to our place.

The largest outdoor photography studio in Sydney, we have a range of beautiful settings all in one place to make it easy for your family.

Everywhere you turn there is a  beautiful view as this whole property has been landscaped as an outdoor photo studio.

Click on the video to see our exclusive location.

Nine Different Settings

Take a look at each gallery below showcasing the beautiful backdrops in our Garden Studio. When you book a photo session with us, your family gets exclusive use of the whole property which means you can choose any of these wonderful settings.


After 20 years...

We have retired from photography :-)

Thanks for being  wonderful customers!

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Brian & Kaylene Chapman

p.s. see what we are up to now...

The Tuscan Farmhouse with Lavender Field

Set on the hillside is our Lavender Farm which flowers right throughout the year. An old water tank and a hedge of Poplar Trees  leading up to a Tuscan styled Farmhouse and Vegie Patch.

The Beach Setting

In the middle of our Garden Studio is our Sandy Beach with a flowing stream and
an old timber boat.

Soft Fountain Grasses that blow in the wind  lead your eyes to the old timber bridge.



The Lake and Jetty

Its only a little lake, but just the right size for our studio. There is a flowing stream that winds all the way down under the bridge and into the lake.

Kids love playing in the water and skimming stones on the lakes surface.


The Old Truck

With its rusty coloured finish and classic curves this is a favourite background for the boys.

We love pieces of Aussie history and knowing they are being preserved in our clients photos is even better.

The Old Farm Gate & Gravel Winding Road

A favourite with many families is our rustic white gate which opens on to the gravel roads that wind through the property. A great way to have a relaxed family portrait.

The Log Wall

As you first enter our Garden Studio you will see the log wall.

Hundreds of rough sawn logs stacked between living trees. The pattern of circles and repetition of the tree trunks makes for a great background.

Gum Trees & Grass

Simple and relaxed. Towering Gum trees with beautifully textured bark. A part of living in Australia.


Old Picket Fence A higgledy piggledy fence and gate that kids love to climb and peek through. Surrounded by long Fountain Grasses.


"We were very impressed with your team as they

managed such a range of ages.."


Thank you to you all!

What a professional time we had for our family photo session recently! We were very impressed with your team as they managed such a range of ages to result in such a great selection of beautiful photos. Such patience and friendliness paid off. Loved the viewing experience in the 'theatre' and the gift of the 'brag book' was the icing on the cake.

Well done!

The Byrne Family.

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