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Watch this short video to see our team at work in the garden studio.

We want the memory of creating the photos to be just as wonderful as the photos themselves, so we put in the extra effort to make it special.

As a team we look after lighting, relaxed posing, getting kids of all ages happy and anything else needed to create the best photos possible.

So don’t be worried about whether your child will behave that day, or if your teenager will decide they are ready to smile...leave it to us to get them laughing and you can just enjoy the experience


Our team have a distinct advantage photographing in the gardens all the time, because we know where the sunlight will be, what flowers will be out, and even what colours will match you’re clothing. Combine that with years of photographic technical knowledge means you won’t see us fussing over what settings to use or worrying whether the shot will turn out! Instead we can actually relax and enjoy the experience with you and put all our focus on making it fun for your family.

Afterall, you will have these photos for the rest of your life and we want to make sure that every time you look at them you smile because it was such a great day.

The Family Image Team

"The service we receive every time we attend your garden studio is second to none" Rachelle Davis


After 20 years...

We have retired from photography :-)

Thanks for being  wonderful customers!

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Brian & Kaylene Chapman

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Behind the scenes look at photo shoots. Family Image Phootgraphy Team.

"We were amazed at how well you worked with our energetic and excited daughters..." Karen Lee

Producing your Order

To get your photos to the final stage of being ready to display in your home there has been a hive of activity in our production room.

We look after everything in house so we know it is done right. We have a strict quality control process which is why we are confident to offer you a money back guarantee on all of our work. Our team takes pride in their workmanship and are happy to stand by all they do.

Probably the hardest part to get right is the overall colour. When the image looks too blue it appears cold and uninviting, too red and everybody looks like they are sun burnt.

We take it seriously, using colour calibrated screens, matched specifically to the type of paper we are printing on. Checking the prints under daylight balanced globes and even having the editing area painted neutral Grey so that our eyes are not influenced by the colours around us!

This ensures that we produce a consistent professional result each and every time. We like to imagine our customer is another photographer who would notice if things weren't right. Even if our clients aren't able to recognise all the little details, we still work to that high standard.


Retouching and editing of images for professional family portraits. Family Image Photography

Image Retouching

Editing of images using Photoshop requires a great deal of skill to get it right. Our goal is for you to not even notice any retouching has been done. The prints just look great!

Often it means removing scratches and bruises on children’s legs, the occasional snotty nose, or removing stray hairs, bugs, dust and other distracting elements from the image. We may even tweak the occasional waistline!

These images show what the files looked like straight out of camera. Although each of them are beautiful captured by our team, they need some skillful editing to bring them to the standard of a finished print that we would be happy with.

This is one of the reasons why we encourage families to choose a full service studio like ours so that you can get professionally produced prints rather than just digital files. Although that option is still available if you would like to print yourself.


Would you like to see more examples of the editing work we do?

Click HERE to go to a special page all about retouching.

Hover over images to see the retouched versions

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