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Relaxed Family Portrait Photography in our 5 acres of private gardens in North West Sydney. Photographing children and families on our studio property in Dural makes it so much easier for your family. You don't need to drive all over Sydney looking for great locations for your outdoor family portraits as we have it all organised in one place. There is even a great café next door which you can enjoy with your family after your photo session.  Our studio has been serving families from all over Sydney for more than 15 years.


Our team of child photographers and assistants are professional and patient to ensure we create beautiful outdoor portraits for your family. Our private Garden Location contains 5 acres of beautiful settings including a Beach, boats, stream, old trucks, farm, lavender field, Tuscan setting, wharf, boathouse and many more. If you are looking for child photographers to capture this season of your children's life then you have found Family Image Photography - Come and see Australia's largest Outdoor Photography studio. Family and Children's Portrait Photographer in Sydney Australia.


Family Image Photography has the perfect outdoor location and is your children's photographer, toddlers photographer, family, maternity photographer Sydney, pregnancy photos, couples photographers and grandparents portraits. Child Photographer Brian Chapman, along with Rebekah Keogh, loves creating family photos for all ages and are your Sydney Portrait Photography studio.


Family Image Photography tel 02 9629 8886   Email:

Garden Studio: 660 Old Northern Road, Dural 2158 NSW Sydney, Australia



This website showcases the work of the Family Image Photography team in Sydney. Australia's largest outdoor photography studio specialising in relaxed family portraits in beautiful garden settings. They are a favourite Sydney studio when you are looking for a child photographer, family photographer in Sydney Hills area, couples photographer, baby photographer, newborn photographer and relaxed outdoor portraits.


Brian Chapman and his team are a specialist portrait photographer in Sydney Australia focusing on outdoor portrait photography in our garden studio. We do not do wedding photography but prefer to specialise in different areas of portrait photography for example, children’s portrait photography, kid’s portrait photography, grandparents portraits, extended family portrait photography, engagement portraits, couples portrait photography and even dog portraits to name a few. On our website you will find samples of all these styles of portrait photography from families with have photographed in our outdoor garden studio in the Sydney Metro area.


Brian Chapman is the leading award winning photographer in outdoor family portraiture in our studio in northwest Sydney. Instead of driving all over Sydney to find locations for your portrait photography photo session you can enjoy a relaxing time at Sydney’s largest outdoor garden studio in Kellyville. In the Hills area of Sydney. Very close to Dural, Glenhaven, Baulkham Hills, Castle Hill, Hillsong Church, Cherrybrook and the M2 motorway.


So if you are looking for a newborn photographer, maternity photographer, Black and white portraits, couples photographer, engagement photography, children’s photographer, family photographer, wedding anniversary gift, gift vouchers, outdoor portrait photographer or dog portrait photographer then you have found the right studio with Family Image Photography.


Winning multiple photography awards with the AIPP, you are sure to enjoy the results of your photo session at Family Image because for us client satisfaction is everything. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible with clients looking for the best in family photography children’s photography maternity photography baby photography and even big family groups referred to as extended family photography.


All of our prices are on our website so you can see exactly how much each photo will be and we even provide a 100% money back guarantee on all our work. We want your experience at our outdoor garden studio to be absolutely wonderful.


Our studio is popular for families looking for relaxed outdoor portraiture so you may find we are booked up so you may like to consider some other Sydney Portrait photographers who we admire, like Absolute Photography in Randwick,, or David Oliver Photography in Pennant Hills, On the central coast, you could try our great friend, Andrew Hellmich, at Impact Image,.


But of course we would love you to come to us first but we understand you may have a particular date in mind. We photograph on Saturdays and Sundays and all week except Thursdays so you are sure to find a time that will suit your family for your portrait photography session at our Sydney Studio.

Wherever you are in Sydney Australia, you aren’t far from our studio which is only 45 minutes from the Central Business District along the M2 motorway.

Now instead of reading any further we would really prefer you took a look in our main website by clicking the picture above. The information below is very informative but really pretty boring to read through!


Family Image Photography is the home of outdoor family photography in a natural garden setting.

Our outdoor family portraiture is regarded as some of the most relaxed natural images of families and children enjoying themselves together. We like to focus on the relationships between family members, so we take the time to get your children relaxed and enjoying the beautiful surroundings we have created at our outdoor garden studio. Extended families, babies, grandparents and even dogs are all welcome in the garden studio.


We have our own barn, veggie patch, picket fence, old truck, beach and boat shed, farm gates, beautiful gardens and large trees all in one location which means we can create a range of very stylish relaxed outdoor portraits that you will love. Our studio is located in Sydney, in the Hills area about 45 minutes from the city in the suburb of Kellyville.


Many of our customers have said that we are the best family portrait photographer in Sydney. We certainly have families coming from all over Sydney to our photography studio which is fantastic. We have even had families come from interstate to have us photograph their families and even some international clients as well! We consider it an honour that they chose Family Image Photography to capture their own family’s precious moments.

Many people find us through using Google to search for Portrait photography in Sydney so we have made it easy to find our website.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Whereabouts is your Garden Studio?


Our Portrait Photography Garden Studio is located in Sydney Australia. About 45 minutes from the city centre. It is in the Hills District near Castle Hill.

The actual address is 660 Old Northern Road, Dural 2158


What suburbs are near you?


Baulkham Hills , Castle Hill , Glenhaven , Dural , Annangrove , Kellyville , Rouse Hill , Glenwood , Bella Vista , Norwest Business Park and Castle Towers are all within 10 minutes of our portrait photography studio. Cherrybrook , Kenthurst , Pennant Hills , Blacktown , Maraylya , Pitt Town , Seven Hills , West Pennant Hills and Kings Langley are all within 15 minutes of our portrait photography studio. Parramatta , Ryde , Hornsby , Wentworthville , Pendle Hill , Northmead , Toongabbie , Richmond and Windsor are all within 30 minutes of our portrait photography studio.


Australian Institute of Professional Photographers?


Our principal photographer Brian Chapman served on the AIPP council for 2 years and was involved in organising many of the events and seminars. We have won a number of awards for our photography both for our photographic prints and also our portrait albums where we have been awarded for the last 2 years in a row.


Do you have any packages for your photography?


We like to keep it simple and give you the choice as to what you would like. So we don’t have any set packages or minimum orders. We only want you to invest in our wall portraiture if you truly love it. You are free to choose which photos you like in whatever size photos will suit your home.


Do you do framing?


Yes we provide a full framing service which includes a framing consultation where we will have an experienced framing consultant help you to choose the best colour matts and frames to bring your photos to life and turn them into wall art!

Framing is, we believe a very important part of your family wall portrait. Many photographers only have a very basic range of frames for their portraiture because they see it as too much trouble to design something nice. We prefer to treat each portrait as a unique piece that deserves individual attention. Our framing consultant will take into account the colours within the photograph as well as the style of furniture in your room and the overall feel you want to achieve. Even if you have no idea, we will make it easy for you by using our experience at choosing the best matts and mouldings for your portrait. A Well framed Family Portrait will become a quality piece of furniture in your room if designed well.


Do you do studio portrait photography?


We have a beautiful well equipped indoor photography studio but we find that most families prefer to have their portraits outdoors in our beautiful gardens. There is nothing like natural sunlight in an image and if used creatively the image comes to life with the correct use of natural light. This is why our principle photographer Brian Chapman will usually work with at least one photography assistant and often two to ensure we can most effectively create absolutely stunning light in your portraits. By using special photographic reflectors and diffusers we can make your images glow with beautiful outdoor lighting.


How can I tell the difference between a good portrait photographer and a bad one?


Sometime this can be very obvious with the style and quality of the images. But often it is the small things that make all the difference. It is like with any field of work, generally the more experienced the craftsman, the better the result will be. I know that when I first started many years ago, my images where pretty average. Now after many years of experience and a well trained team we know that we can produce consistently beautiful results for each individual family.


So what should you look for?


First of all look at how the images make you feel. Is there a connection between each of the family members? Can you see the love, the intimacy that makes a portrait so special?


Are the images in focus?


This may seem like something you should take for granted. But so often I see other photographers work and because they don’t have the experience of working with children and challenging lighting conditions in Sydney, their images are often quite out of focus. If you are just going to have a small print to go on your desk this may not even be noticeable, but if you want a wall portrait it may look terrible if not photographed technically well. There are many photographers in Sydney, and many people who have bought a digital camera and decided to call themselves a portrait photographer. It's a bit like giving someone a microphone and calling them a singer. It takes years of refining your craft to consistently produce quality results.


Also you should look out for the colours in an image. Did you know it is generally a lot easier and cheaper for a photographer to produce a black and white image than a colour one? Getting the colour photograph to look stunning is a real skill and is difficult to master. Our studio has a team of skilled photo retouchers who are trained to 'see colour' correctly. When photographing outdoors it is easy to get ugly colours casts from nearby plants reflecting green light.  Green is not an appealing colour to see in your skin tone! This takes time to retouch images like this and many photographers don’t take the time to make sure this is right.

We have a strict quality control with our images and anything that is not up to standard has to be done again at our cost! We guarantee all of our work unconditionally. We want you to be totally thrilled with the wall portraits, albums and portfolio images we create for you. Look for a specialist, not a jack of all trades. Many photographers will photograph just about anything, Weddings, parties, portraits, commercial, food, events, glamour the lot. It is very hard to be good at everything in life, so we believe it is better to focus our efforts on the area of photography that we can produce the best result and also we totally enjoy. Many photographers don’t even like working with children and animals... we love it!!!


Why does a professional portraiture seem to cost so much?


Yes it is true there is a reasonable amount of cost involved in getting professional wall portraits but that is only if you compare it to a quick snap photo printed at a mini lab. Sure you might on occasion get a pretty good photo doing it yourself. But the amount of effort that goes into a real portrait is what makes the difference. At Family Image Photography we have firstly built a whole range of different background settings for your children and family photos, as we believe that a good portrait starts with a good location. Whether it is our formal gardens, with autumn coloured deciduous trees, rose-covered archways, winding gravel paths or our old farmhouse with corrugated iron bull-nose verandah with a veggie patch and lovely old picket fence. Then there is the old 1950s delivery truck, workshop, old farm gates, and our natural Australian bush area with sandstone campfire and towering gum trees. These are all in one acreage property. A definite favourite is our Beach and Boatshed with timber wharf, huge shipping rope and wooden row boat. At Family Image Photography there is a team of trained professionals who look after you every step of the way. Five different specialists will work on your family portraits, each of them doing a specialised task to perfection before handing it on to the next team member to take the time and care for your images.


All of our children and family portraits are printed on professional grade papers, which will ensure they will last a long time. In fact, if professionally framed, they are expected to look fantastic for somewhere near 100 years, without fading. This means they really will be handed down through generations to come.

So whilst purchasing some wall portraits may seem like a 'cost' upfront, they will very quickly become an investment in your family that will be treasured. What is the first thing that people grab in a house fire? It isn't the new dishwasher, or the LCD television, it is their most treasured family portraits.

Many families even comment that they were going to spend the same amount of money on a Art Print and frame for their wall, but then decide that they would much prefer that 'Art Print' to be their own children photographed in a relaxed natural setting like our garden studio.


How do you get the children and families in your portraits to look so relaxed and enjoying themselves?


Now if we told you that, we'd have to kill you!  Actually it’s not that hard to understand. The families that we photograph look relaxed and having fun, because they are!  That is what our team does so well. Our total focus is on you, the customer having a great time and getting the shot! We joke around a lot, and will make total fools of ourselves if that is what it takes to get you laughing. You can generally tell what the personality of the photographer is like by looking at his or her photographs. If the people in the images look quiet, reclusive, even a little contemplative, you will likely find that is the personality of the photographer. If they look a bit awkward, uncomfortable and tense, then this too is often the personality of the photographer. If they look totally relaxed, laughing, cuddling, day dreaming and joyful, then you are probably looking at a Family Image Photography Portrait! :o)


When is the best time of the year to book in your Family Portrait photography session?


I could say Spring, but that really wouldn’t be the truth. You see, there is always so much happening in the garden studio right throughout the year. It is constantly growing and changing. In Spring we have flowers, newly opening buds on trees. In summer we have warm days, and cool shade, plenty of light and fun summer clothing. In winter you can rug up in beautiful fashion styled garments, beanies, scarves, wooly jackets and long boots, and it Autumn there are all the warm colours of autumn leaves, soft lighting, and a real freshness in the air. The worst time to be photographed is .......never.  Some families never actually get professionally photographed and it is so sad. I don’t want to sound doom and gloom, but the reality is we are not on this earth forever, we will all pass away and what is left of us is a memory. I know I would certainly prefer to have a professionally crafted portrait rather than a happy snap taken at the Christmas party! :o) Well if you have managed to read through all  the information, it is definitely time to be looking at some beautiful photos so scroll back up, click on the picture to enter what may just be ' the most beautiful portrait photography website in Sydney!' Let us know what you think on the contact page or via email :o) Thanks for reading and we look forward to photographing you soon.




Kind regards,


Brian Chapman

Portrait Photography Sydney

Phone: 9629 8886

660 Old Northern Road Dural 2158